Yes. I purchased 2 Infinity Kappa 7 about 14 years ago. The Memphis sub sounds great. JavaScript is disabled. just the 1000/1 alone will set you back over $1000 . Infinity kappa in vendita in audio e video: scopri subito migliaia di annunci di privati e aziende e trova quello che cerchi su Is Audioque another internet direct company? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Go with what you like! New Kappa Series. DJ himself replys to your emails. KAPPA 60CSX 6-1/2" (160mm) two-way ... Link Infinity Speakers on facebook. Jump to Latest Follow ... Infinity Kappa Four 4-channel amplifier — 125 watts RMS x 4 at Infinity ... were ear-bleeders, but hey, they're sub $200 comps for super-budget installs and the new ones are supposed to be a good bit improved. The specs do look impressive on the 100.4. In my mind, during their heyday Infinity produced some of the finest speakers ever made. So far i like what i see and hear. The Cdts love power and the Kappa four provides it. The Polydome Kappa midrange diaphram is totally broken and would need to be replaced. Are Infinity Kappa Amplifiers any good? Here’s my collection of vintage Infinity … This Infinity Kappa 60.11CS is one of the best speakers you could have. sundown is an internet direct company so they aren't that that known..but they make AMAZING products..lot of sq guys over at diyma use their stuff.. I had my saz 1500d blow since i was running it at.5 ohm daily and abusing the hell out of it and the guys over @ sundown sent me a new one no questions asked.. I've heard many similar stories. My question is, should I keep my Kappa 7's as front left and right and add center, surrounds, and sub. What should I be looking for in the amp??? New member. Location: Long Island, NY. Kevin. Factor this repair into your budget, on top of refoaming. The difference is just mind blowing. It does not only produce high-caliber sound but also looks very good and add to the look of your vehicle. I didn't really have a specific budget in mind. Is Audioque another internet direct company? Choose the right number of channels to power all the speakers in your system. the plan is to do all the fab work for installation this winter, so id like to know what im going to buy. both are GREAT companys, though. Maxing out an Infinity Kappa Perfect Dual Voice Coil. Plus it promises the best quality and highly balanced music. Link Infinity Speakers on Youtube. If you do not plan to power more that 2 channels of speakers (your Kappas), I would suggest you just buy a 2-channel receiver or an integrated amp. I saw that the new Infinity Kappa amps have bluetooth audio streaming and i'm wondering if I can use that same BT signal to daisy chain to my sub amp. Im using a audioque 2200d right now. I picked up a pair of Infinity Kappa 6 speakers. Awesome products and great prices. Username: Sandiegolegend San diego, Ca Us Post Number: 1 ... all these companies make good amps kicker mtx jbl memphis jl makes great amps but they set you back quite a bit. As far as I know it's gotta be powerful. I am able to get the Kappa amps for cheap is why I ask. Any and all suggestions/comments are welcome! Until last summer they were sold here too. (owner of the company). paul steppler. A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. My CMass UL12 (dual ~1.5ohm VC) can maybe handle 3000 watts RMS (though it's only rated at 2500), but even at 2k it thumps more than I need it to. I replaced two amps with the Kappa four and my system hasn't sounded better. Login / Register. if you order from AQ then youll love the customer service. The Infinity Kappa 8 is a very good-looking speaker, and it sounded good, too. Speakers : 4x Infinity Kappa 52.7i Enclosure: Dual 12" 3/4" MDF Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure Capacitors : SPL CP5.0 "broken" I was looking at some infinity kappa perfect 12.1 subwoofers and almost all the reviewers I could find, said they were able to play very accurately at very high volumes, with no distortion in a sealed enclosure. Do they compare favorably to the Sundown equipment? Fortunately for me, I've got some head room so I'm not pushing my amp that hard. If you have a chance to get reasonably priced Kappa 9's in good shape, absolutely go for it. I recently purchased a single Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1d sub, and I was thinking of using the infinity Reference 611a amp to power it (sealed, custom fiberglass box) and I haev recently heard some nasty rumors about Infinity amps. JavaScript is disabled. Infinity Systems KAPPA 600 Floorstanding Speakers user reviews : 5 out of 5 - 6 reviews - So if you have a hard-to-replace (or impossible-to-replace) receiver in your newer car, you can add the superior sound of Infinity Kappa and still have Bluetooth capability. I have had them on 2 recievers and finally now on separate adcom monoblock amps. We all hear differently , so pick what sounds good for you and fits into your budget. They are notorious for turning hard and brittle, yellowing, cracking and falling apart. The Kid said: As a long time Infinity fan, I've owned the brand for ages. If you add up the bill from your first equipment list, changing only the amp, it's around $1200 at Crutchfield pricing for spkrs & amp. they all put out rated power as well. Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di infinity kappa. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Are infinity kappa perfect any good . Any … Ski Bum Happy Audiophile. I am now wanting to upgrade to home theater. DJ himself replys to your emails. if you order from AQ then youll love the customer service. My deck is an old Sony media center that outputs 18 watts RMS per channel. audioque is cheaper but you get a longer warranty with sundown. Link Infinity Speakers Audio on twitter. Do you need any of the HT features of an HT receiver? I didn't really have a specific budget in mind. New Class-D Amps - Infinity Kappa. I didn't really have a specific budget in mind. My deck is an old Sony media center that outputs 18 watts RMS per channel. Infinity Kappa 693.9i 3 way speaker with external crossover built in 6x9 ... Alpine makes good speakers and amps, jl audio makes good speakers and amps. I've never heard of sundown audio. I just want some guidance in picking up an amp. I am looking for advice/opinions on the Infinity 6 Kappa Reference Series speaker. alpine pdx are also good amps..bit pricey, though. I give the Infinity amps : mine has performed flawlessly, in the trunk in 120*+ degree heat of South Texas. I've had the Kappa 9s for about twenty years now and they still amaze me. I have this powering my front stage of 6.5 CDT components and image tweets and a Memphis 10" sub. It had an open, clear sound quality with a noticeably more extended, better-dispersed, and more powerful top end (above 10,000 Hz) than our regular reference speakers, which are considerably more expensive. However, the Infinity Kappa line of speakers are typically really good sounding speakers and are worthy of better sounding electronics.