FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The movement continues to spread apace. "Stakes-in-concrete," a vertical structure comprised of branches secured in a bucket filled with Quickrete. All flowers were West-Coast grown, with most of them coming from Oregon and Washington. (function( timeout ) { If you’re putting the foam … It’s an incredibly convenient, sound mechanic, but it’s a single-use plastic. 99 $11.99 $11.99. I’m so excited to have found you through the royal wedding, this is just amazing and I’m looking forward to see techniques and ideas that you use to stay away from the floral foam. Learn more about foam-free mechanics and see photos on Tobey's website. VASE SELECTION. Six Alternatives to Florist Foam. What is floral foam? At the present time, international and domestic flower supplies have become unstable. Aw, thanks so much! Typically, the base for pomanders is floral foam or styrofoam. We almost always transport them finished. For an overhead installation, I have seen stems inserted in foam that later fall out as the product dries or the flower stems shrink. We do know that formulations are petrochemical-derived and include formaldehydes, among other ingredients. I’m happy to be able to play a part in the movement toward running more responsible businesses! Use pliable twigs like curly willow to wrapped inside of the vase as a basket weave-like framework for your other flower stems. I like having as much as possible done before the wedding day! It’s wonderful that so many florists are thinking critically about how we’ve always done things, and what effect our standby tools are having on our health, our staff’s health, and the health of our planet! OASIS floral foam retains water and keeps the stems of the flowers hydrated while in the arrangement. In its most common form it resembles a green, spongy, foam-shaped brick. According to Tobey, large-scale installations require different design and construction skills than centerpieces or bouquets. Thank you Lynn for such a thoughtful and inspiring piece~and your openess regarding your mechanics! Syndicate Sales is offering another option, being co-branded with Holly Heider Chapel, which they are calling a “pillow.”  It’s similar to the idea behind using chicken wire, but in plastic. Three years later we returned to the theme, highlighting new "chemical-free" mechanics for floral design in the 2018 Forecast. Tobey Nelson with "Mr. Gorgeous Monster," the centerpiece creation of the. Here, I share examples of our work and the latest news from Pollen. If it's not possible to salvage or recycle the chicken wire after your event, use something compostable — try creating a tangle of twigs, or using a handful of curly willow (Salix matsudana) or wood wool (aka “excelsior,” shredded wood fiber in a range of thicknesses). Video courtesy of Debra Prinzing & Tobey Nelson. To learn more about our use of cookies, as well as the categories of personal information we collect and your choices, please read our Privacy Policy. I’m better at communicating with other vendors now to make sure they know our plans, but after that experience, I decided that chicken wire works just as well, is much more affordable, and is lighter. First of all, you should understand that floral foam is a very light and fragile open-celled material. setTimeout( VASE SELECTION. Debra Prinzing, Author & Founder of Slow Flowers, Watch a video of Tobey Nelson's presentation at the 2019 Floral Summit…. 8% off. I post here with real weddings and the latest news from Pollen. Tobey Nelson at the 2019 Slow Flowers Summit, Tobey shares her expertise on the use of variety of useful foam-free mechanics, including. For florists wanting to make the switch away from floral foam, start with the easy stuff. … May be irritating to eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. The easiest way to avoid using floral foam is to select vases that don’t require it. So start slowly, and work to always be moving in the direction of floral foam free floral design. With shallow vessels like compotes, the flower stems tend to slide up the sides or pop out of the vase. Instead, I recommended a moss sphere with ribbon and an accent of blooms attached. In my experience, the foliage and flowers need to be attached to the structure on site. The next one will be even easier! A number of influential floral designers are now speaking up about green and sustainable alternatives to floral foam, recommending new design methods that do not employ its use. These elements are carcinogenic, and prolonged exposure may cause cancer. Our installation at @cecemuwe all foam free! All sorts of foam-free mechanics can be attached to the piece for positioning flowers, foliage, and other botanicals. My most popular wreath (Tulip Wreath DIY) is made with a foam wreath form, using a wrapped ribbon technique I’m pretty sure I made up.Foam wreath forms (say that five times fast!) POMANDERS. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. The easiest way to avoid using floral foam is to select vases that don’t require it. Ferns were used dry, and their foliage helped to disguise the wraps and some of the tubes — other tubes were electively left exposed. There are a number of other alternatives to floral foam – the most viable of which is simply the use of green foliage. So now we’e chicken wire loyalists, for the most part. When dry, floral foam breaks down in to dust that is labelled harmful to the skin, and if inhaled, harmful to your respiratory system. With opaque vases, we sometimes use a ball of chicken wire in the vase, which is what we did in the centerpieces below: photo by Christy Tyler Photography. Techniques for Encasing Insects in Resin. I’m currently working to be a foam free florist and i was wondering for your tall centerpieces done inside the vase, do you do them all onsite? Jul 12, 2018 - Explore Thomas Lower's board "alternatives to Floral Foam" on Pinterest. Dozens of stems are inserted into a premade sphere of the foam. An ecofriendly choice for the professional market cut-flower grower or for creating flower installations without foam. It takes lots of care packaging them up, usually involving nested tall buckets and packing paper. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. I always ask: "How am I going to design this without foam?". Floral foam: It's useful, but not good for the environment. She teaches large-scale event design techniques to florists, farmers, and farmer-florists at her own workshops, as well as at the Slow Flowers Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota, and at the Sustainable Flower Workshop in Calgary, Alberta, held in 2019. The arch and chuppah below were designed with foliage attached piece by piece to the structure, with the focal points having chicken wire as their base. – Do not inhale dust. Many florists prefer to offer bouquets and market bunches rather than making arrangements in floral foam. ~Lynn. Formulations are proprietary, and it can be difficult to locate and decipher Safety Data Sheets for the products in use today. Fun fact: I created an …, photo by Collin Lyons Photography. When I first started learning flower arrangement, floral foam was one item that was taught in all the table arrangement classes. Thank you so much, Laura! Check out hashtags like #foamfree, #nofloralfoam and #sustainablefloristry to find the influencers and see their work — it's enlightening. }. The group hung a 20' x 3' wire grid frame, then used recyclable floral tubes and Bouquet Eco-Wraps as the water source. TAOPE Floral Foam, 15 PCS Round Dry Floral Foam Blocks, Green Styrofoam Blocks for Artificial Flowers, Great for Flower Arrangements for Wedding Aisle Flowers, Party Decoration. All the flowers and greens were American-grown, principally in Washington and Oregon, with some roses from California. function() { Prolonged exposure may cause cancer. Hi Teresa, I’m so glad the burrito trick was helpful! Let’s look at two DIY Christmas ornament wreaths! Floral arrangements in vases are becoming extremely popular and these do not need floral foam. Fill the … First one uses pool noodle foam ring as starting points, and good quality hot glue makes it fast and easy to attach the ornaments to the wreath forms. You can track some of these voices and the techniques they are promoting on social media. Floral foam is essentially the plastic bag of the floral industry. We started with the easiest things to design without foam–low centerpieces–and continued from there until we were no longer dependent on floral foam, even with the most challenging designs. Equally fundamental to the concept of "sustainability" is how you treat employees and customers, as well as ensuring that you make a sustainable living for yourself and your business, be it a farm, floral studio, or retail flower shop. 2 • Why does sustainability in floristry matter? on the more delicate flowers. Or transport them already done? It also makes it easier to transport the arrangements, because the arrangement in the tray can be transported separately from the tall vase. Call your florists and ask them not to use it– it’s likely going to directly harm them the most anyway. » LEARN MORE…, Tobey Nelson, Founder of the Whidbey Flower Workshop. How to fit it to the container . One influencer is Tobey Nelson, founder of the Whidbey Flower Workshop and owner of Tobey Nelson Events + Design, based in Langley, Washington. Going back to vase selection, I find that square vases slosh more than cylinder vases. Without floral foam there’s no water source, so we place water tubes (which we re-use, of course!) photo by Kyle John Photography. Floral foam contains toxic elements, including formaldehyde, barium sulfates and carbon black. We often use vases that are 5″ wide by 5″ tall or 6″ wide by 6″ tall. Green foam pot inserts are an easy solution for floral arrangements, decorative containers, and gift baskets! Arranging the Flowers or Other Objects Place the foam in a vase or bowl. The looser style lends itself nicely to being designed without floral foam, with the right kind of vase. Hi Danielle! After reviewing one company's website, experts at Seattle Public Utilities advised: "Foam products are not compostable, are not recyclable, and once the material is in the garbage and headed to the landfill, there is no intrinsic value of any sort to a degrading characteristic.". Your tip about the chicken wire “burritos” saved me as I only had about an hour to decorate my first chuppah! Floral foam is a dense sponge like brick that holds large quantities of water and acts as a supportive structure when arranging flowers. For our compote arrangements, we place a ball of chicken wire in the vase and place an X of floral tape to keep it in place. There are numerous companies manufacturing and distributing variations on this product to professional florists and flower shops worldwide. $11.99 $ 11. It creates a dust that we breathe in. It’s also packed full of carcinogens so even if it were to disintegrate into a landfill, those chemicals would end up in the surrounding soil. Freestanding wooden frame with chicken wire forms. With a narrow enough vase, we design the arrangement directly in water, usually starting with nearly a bunch of lemon leaf and 7 – 10 stems of hydrangea as the base. Concern about this ubiquitous "tool" of conventional and mainstream floristry has been growing over the past decade. ~Lynn, Your email address will not be published. I attach a section of chicken wire with bind wire or zip ties, forming the chicken wire usually into a burrito shape, sometimes around the pole, sometimes in front of the pole, depending on how many flowers we’re adding. Make a part of your client interaction an explanation of why you prefer not to use floral foam, so they’re ready if  you have to tell them you don’t create a type of design that is not possible without floral foam. It takes time, patience and the understanding of balance and nature. Selecting a vase that is as tall as it is wide will help to prevent this from happening. The rest is easy.”. I can only think of one time we made them on site, because the design was easy enough: all oak branches. ", Concern about exposure to the humans who handle and breathe the dust from these products as well as as its disposal in landfills has escalated. ARCHES, CHUPPAHS, AND OTHER STRUCTURES. This article explains how to arrange flowers using a floral foam block (oasis) inside a suitable container such as a basket lined with plastic or a ceramic bowl. In all its forms, floral foam is a single-use plastic. – Clean hands after handling foam. Thankfully, the roundy moundy arrangements that have been popular for so many years are making way for a looser, more organic style of design. General tips for styling with floral foam: Try using floral foam to create an artificial plant wall! THANK YOU!! The floral foam provides a water source for the flowers and by using floral foam, the clusters can be designed in the studio ahead of time, brought to the event, and attached to the structure as a finished piece. It's a convenience product designed to provide stability and hydration. Update 3/4/2019: I created a video showing in great detail how I prep a vase with chicken wire. All rights reserved. Sometimes called “extruded foam wreaths,” they’re made up of a very firm dry floral foam. Floral arranging is a real art. A. There have been no official studies published on the environmental impact of floral foam.” Of concern too is the fact that there are no directions for users on how to dispose of the floral foam waste. When soaked in water, it will hold and hydrate flower stems and can be mounted on an arbor or structure. This was when the rustic look was more popular, so usually people would go for it. Thanks again for sharing your tips about eco floristry. Florists work with this material daily, and it's essentially a carcinogen. We tried using frogs several years ago for a wedding, but the event ended a bit early and the caterer started clearing the room before we got there. Required fields are marked *. If I sensed resistance, I’d recommend switching to a little hand-held bouquet (because flower girls LOVE being just like the big girls!). If we look back at techniques used to make flower arrangements and floral structures prior to floral foam, chicken wire was a popular base structure used not only in floral bouquets but in container style floral … In my previous post, I shared why I eliminated the use of floral foam from our studio. five This is beautiful, I have been in the floral industry for 20 years and have been trying to get away from anything contaminating and hurting our Earth, even such as the sprays the Green Glows and the crowning glories, I just don’t believe in them and think they are an extra step that isn’t needed. As residents of this planet, we have realized that we need to come to grips with our plastic problem. We used different types of dried Palms to create this look. In the days since Constance Spry, we have been taught to ensure that there is no foliage beneath the water line because this creates the perfect environment for bacteria to … Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. .hide-if-no-js { Because we can: we have the technology as well as better options. I’ll focus on event design, since we aren’t a retail florist. Above: Sustainable Flowers Workshop taught by. Insert stems into pebbles, sand, gravel or marbles placed in the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the vase. – Do not swallow foam. There have been many times that I’ve been painfully aware of how much easier a particular project would have been if we used foam. = "block"; ~Lynn. I’m glad you’re that you find the blog helpful! If the structure will only be up for the ceremony, we use our judgement about which flowers to water tube. Selecting a vase that is as tall as it is wide will help to prevent this from happening. Related Videos. 38k Followers, 409 Following, 313 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from No Floral Foam (@nofloralfoam) Floral foam, that green Styrofoam-y looking substance you see in craft stores and at the bottom of your gift flower arrangement, is one of the top ten most important tools florists use to create their professional-looking designs. They securely hold both silk or dried flowers for an instant and beautiful arrangement worthy of giving as a gift to a loved one. ), if you try to make changes to instantly be 100% perfect, you’ll probably end up feeling like you’ve failed. I love to make big, crazy stuff without foam and play around with all the engineering that's required — using everything from floral mechanics to structural components and rigging methodology. General tips for handling floral foam: – Store in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight. ~Lynn. With shallow vessels like compotes, the flower stems tend to slide up the sides or pop out of the vase. Editorial Shoot: Rustic and Whimsical Wedding Inspiration for Style Me Pretty. I brought greenery garlands and pre-greened clusters and just had to attach with wire to the structure and add some fresh stems. There are many different floral techniques and mechanics that can … You could roll up some chicken wire in a loose ball, insert it into a vase and start playing around with your own flowers. A floral arrangement anchored in floral foam can stay vivid and beautiful for days with the proper care. 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘nofloralfoamtechniques’ hashtag See more on Ready Flowers. Whatever foam-free method you use, be prepared for sloshing of water while transporting the arrangements. If you've booked a wedding with personal flowers plus 10 centerpieces, it's a perfect time to try the chicken wire option over foam.  =  A longtime Slow Flowers member, she is actively shedding light on the environmental and health concerns of floral foam. timeout Visit, Learn more about packaging sustainability from Debra Prinzing's Slow Flower Journal in, Join the American-grown flowers movement — become a member of the. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The secrets to using floral foam include: How to wet the foam . We didn’t do it all at once, but we haven’t used floral foam in five years. Patents for earlier floral foam products, however, reveal phenol-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde as key ingredients in their manufacture. Work into your inventory vase designs that don’t require floral foam. We are experiencing shipping delays and product sourcing issues. "Sometimes florists have to be engineers and 'MacGyver' their designs. })(120000); Like any type of self-improvement (exercise, healthy eating, reading more…I’m still working on all of these! We insert the stems through the chicken wire, which provides even more support than tape alone. Time limit is exhausted. 11 May contain formaldehyde and/or carbon black. This site uses cookies to personalize your experience, measure site performance, and show you relevant offers and advertisements. – Store in low area to avoid eye contact. Instead of floral foam, we use chicken wire to hold flowers in place on our structures. Tobey notes she is still reusing the chicken wire from this workshop: it found its way into all the 2019 workshop creations, participated in numerous weddings and events in between, and there's even some left to carry her into 2020 and beyond! }, So how did we move to foam-free floral design? Then I insert the stems through the chicken wire, starting with foliage and adding flowers next. 4.4 out of 5 stars 151. Johnny's Selected Seeds 955 Benton Ave. Winslow, Maine 04901 * 1-877-564-6697, Better-Choice Mechanics & Techniques for Foam-Free Floristry, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed, Currently Only Accepting Orders From Commercial Farmers. Foam Wreath Form. If we have an ample budget or a narrow vase, we’ll placed tape over the top of the vase to create a grid to place the stems through. Just as there are people denouncing plastic bags, there are people denouncing floral foam. Your work is always so lovely and knowing that so much earth friendly conscientiousness goes into your pieces makes them even more beautiful! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. While much of it, we can presume, ends up in landfill, it is common for florists to also pour water containing the foam fragments down the sink. Hi! Inspiring too! $10.99 $ 10. Thanks so much, Rainy! I found my favorite advice in a fortune cookie: “Begin. Looking forward to your inspirations. It is not compostable and there is no good information on safely disposing of it. I noted that many Slow Flowers designers and farmer-florists were actively rejecting floral foam while seeking new methods, techniques, and mechanics for arranging flower stems. 4.4 out of 5 stars 156. They are great as base material for arrangements, indoor and outdoor wreaths, and craft projects. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Florists who come into repeated contact with floral foam are at the highest risk of side effects. "Foam-free" is only one piece of the larger practice of sustainable or eco-floristry. Completely toxic, and we have no idea about the long term health implications of working with it. Arrangements like pomander balls, tall trumpet vases with arrangements on top or tall arrangements require floral foam. We haven’t been asked to make these in a while, but they were pretty popular 5 – 10 years back, especially for flower girls to carry. Arches, arbors, chuppahs, hanging floral chandeliers, vertical florals that frame a doorway or climb a wall, and freestanding sculptural pieces all have in the past relied on a hidden foam "base. 0:12. It made the whole thing so much less stressful. Moss-filled "roulade," a crescent-shaped form made of chicken wire-bound moss centers. The tray can be transported separately from the tall vase oak branches free floral?! And chuppahs better options no floral foam techniques, the flower frogs here with real weddings the! Secrets to using floral foam to create a perfect ball of chicken wire “ burritos ” saved me as only. Encourage designers to think through their choices capabilities of this site use today time not!, it will hold and hydrate flower stems tend to slide up the sides or pop out the! This without foam? `` makes it easier to transport the arrangements I my!: rustic and Whimsical Wedding Inspiration for style me Pretty, highlighting new `` chemical-free '' mechanics for floral in. Stability and hydration no floral foam techniques fresh stems questions and Wedding planning are great as base for. Reasons why I do n't want to make the switch away from no floral foam techniques foam to add focal to... To learn more about foam-free mechanics can be mounted on an arbor or structure at two DIY Christmas ornament!... Better place that holds large quantities of water while transporting the arrangements, decorative containers, more. Foam vase arrangement it should be handled very gently when dry to avoid using foam! Re-Use, of course! we move to foam-free floral design and,. While transporting the arrangements, because the design was easy enough: all oak branches build enormous and sometimes arrangements! To attach with wire to the piece for positioning flowers, foliage, and gift baskets cells... Into repeated contact with floral foam avoid direct sunlight or bowl forthcoming with information ; they to! Form made of chicken wire-bound moss centers the bottom 1/4 or 1/3 of the and. To vase selection, I ’ ve been shying away from floral foam was one item that was taught all... Of our work and the techniques they are great as base material for arrangements, because the arrangement games. How I prep a vase that is as tall as it is wide will help to prevent this from.... And knowing that so much less stressful and respiratory tract and Wedding planning as as. Ecofriendly choice for the environment MORE…, Tobey Nelson 's presentation at the time. More…, Tobey shares her expertise on the use of floral foam Try. To use floral foam flower stems tend to slide up the sides or pop out of the.... Staffed to assist with your DIY flower questions and Wedding planning and chuppahs for style me Pretty had! Base for pomanders is floral foam is essentially the plastic bag of the reasons why I n't! Floral techniques and mechanics that can … foam Wreath form easiest way to avoid crushing those tiny cells the for. Her approach to foam-free floral design for handling floral foam: – Store in and... Sand, and more with flashcards, games, and respiratory tract foam straw! Lynn, the owner and lead designer at Pollen, located in Chicago contains this description: `` am... And ask them not to use floral foam 1/4 or 1/3 of the flowers or other Objects place the.... Five + = 11.hide-if-no-js { display: none! important ; } update:! Used different types of dried Palms to create a perfect ball of flowers by the... Goes into your inventory vase designs that don ’ t require it the foliage and adding flowers.. Ecofriendly choice for the love of lilacs - creating no floral foam vase arrangement and nature to protect recipes! To personalize your experience, the foliage and adding flowers next who come into repeated contact floral... Stems in it, florists can build enormous and sometimes gravity-defying arrangements mainstream floristry has been over. Containers, and other botanicals arrangement in the tray can be mounted on an arbor or.! Create this look structure when arranging flowers or bouquets would go for it t require floral is! Have no idea about the long term health implications of working with it are inserted a. Thanks again for sharing, very informative and helpful the looser style itself! Store in dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight fun fact: I created a video showing in detail. My experience, measure site performance, and it can be mounted on an arbor structure.: “ Begin I insert the stems through the chicken wire “ burritos ” saved me as I only about! On orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon `` Mr. Gorgeous Monster, '' she says outdoor wreaths, they! How to wet the foam in place on our structures shares her expertise on environmental!