Material. This will be the weight on a scale that measures force, otherwise the scale will read it's mass as 4.0kg. Introduction. To Do and Notice. 2. The Newton Spring Balance. Accounting. The forces acting on the system are the normal force by the spring scale and the downward weight of the woman. The watermelon pushes down with a force of F = mg = 4.0kg*9.8 = ~ 40N. Have two people each hold one of the two spring scales. 3. If the block is in equilibrium, what is the reading in the scale in Newtons? So let’s understand more about Hooke’s law by examining how the Newton spring balance works. The tension in the string is 100 N. This is the force the string must exert up on either of the 100-N weights at either end of the string. In the figure below you can see the Newton spring balance in my laboratory. EXPLORE COLLECTIONS CREATE + back to brit + co. Sign In Sign Up. Subjects. Management. We will mostly be using Newtons during the module. Spring balances come in different sizes. Weight as in the force in newtons (N). menu. The scale reads the tension in the string. (sorry about the photo - dont know how to fix it) Homework Equations F=ma, W=mg The Attempt at a Solution 1) Seems easy enough. Im pretty sure the balance would just read 98 N since the tension above equals the weight of the mass below. You can do some interesting investigations of forces using two spring scales. Solution for A block is attached to a spring scale. Does the scale read zero, 100 N, or 200 N -- or some other reading? This scale reads force in newtons. Economics. Hang the object to be measured from the spring scale hook. The scale on top would read slightly heavier due to also supporting the weight of the lower scale itself. 2) Im having a little trouble with this one. F = ma. This refers to the TENSION force with which the spring scale pulls on something. The systems shown below are in equilibrium (with m = 7.00 kg and θ = 27.0°). > What is the reading of a spring balance when a stretching force of 10 Newton is applied on the opposite sides at same time? 1. Products. Ignore the masses of the pulleys and strings and assume the pulleys and the incline are frictionless. Explore › guides › education › › We use Newton's second law to solve this problem. For this reason, a 1 kg reading on a spring scale refers to 9.8 Newtons of tension, and it scales proportionally. You have a and m, you want F. F = 27.2*0.8 = 21.76N If used to measure friction force, it is only done so indirectly. Operations Management. Read the Newtons scale for force. 2. Read the grams scale for weight. If the spring scales are calibrated in newtons, what do they read? Marketing. Business. Finance. Leadership. scale in (a) N. scale in (b) N. scale in (c) N. scale in (d) Ex 5.8 Two 100-N weights are attached to a spring scale as shown. Spring Scales. To Use a Spring Scale: Newton's second law states that the force applied to a body produces a proportional acceleration. At the top of the spring balance there is a fixed end and at the bottom a free end which moves when a force is applied to it. Two identical spring scales, like those used to weigh fish, or those found in physics class.

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