And so, The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion was born: left-handed stitch instructions, for left-handed embroiderers, written by a left-hander. Running Stitch is very basic stitch in hand embroidery. 4:12. No more mental gymming and figuring out the stitch instructions from a right-hander’s world. Usually one or two sheepishly puts up their hand, as if they expect to get a bad reaction (this is because some teachers find instructing left-handers very difficult). 8) Whipped Running Stitch. The rosette chain stitch is much like the oyster stitch, but it's worked in a line, or around curves. Stitch down at C, holding the loop of thread in place. Scribble. Surface slip stitch. All comments are moderated for approval. It is a super-strong hand-stitch … I happily tell them that for this class, they have a left-handed teacher. Containing step-by-step stitch instructions, it has been written specially by a left-hander for left-handers. 6. DIY And Crafts.